Thursday, February 1, 2007

X-Wrt readies official Milestone 2.7

The last month has had its ups and downs. I was ill for a bit and neglected my role in the project, though thepeople managed things quite well in my abscence -- making me glad to see X-Wrt could survive just fine if I were to die or be otherwise incapacitated.

We've had many new additions to X-Wrt in the past couple weeks, with Spectra rewriting much of the CSS so that its much cleaner. In the process he reworked the color switcher so that it uses proper alternate theme mechanisms instead of a proprietary technique.

We fixed a number of bugs too, many appearing in the brief Milestone 2.6 version of the webif, which was snuck out far too hastily. There was a period of a few days this month where a person downloading the stable version may have got a version not so stable at all. I apologize for this, but we are still in beta.

A new stable webif build called Milestone 2.7 is already up, but its not the official release. Once Milestone 2.7 is officially released we'll probably freeze or pseudo-freeze the White Russian branch so that the Kamikaze branch can advance more freely. SSL support is planned to be implemented first in Kamikaze, though plans may change. At present, the plan is to write a new tcp tunneler that utilizes axtls. The alternate would be to use openssh+stunnel, but this is a very heavy solution weighing at least few hundred kilobytes. The axtls solution will probably end up being less than 100 kilobytes.

Our official release of Milestone 2.7, along with a new X-Wrt firmware image (finally), coincides with OpenWrt White Russian 0.9, which is supposed to be released very soon after a delay of over a month from its original release date. Its important this build be made public because there are some bugs in White Russian RC6 (note: they are fixed in the X-Wrt Milestone 2.5 firmware image).

In our new firmware image we have updated to Busybox 1.3.1 and Miniupnpd 1.0-RC3, for anyone who might care.