Wednesday, January 3, 2007

X-Wrt Blog

Welcome to the X-Wrt blog of Jeremy Collake. The intention of this blog is simply to provide a place to report on the latest thoughts and developments regarding embedded firmwares. For those unfamiliar with X-Wrt, see here.

Whether or not I actually utilize this blog remains to be seen, but for now, here it is.


effojyaj said...

I just tried to buy an activation for dd-wrt because it's the only thing I know of that can get my wistron rda81 (or whatever, now that I upgraded to dd-wrt I can't even see the model number any more.) to be able to function usefully, ie show me signal strength on 5ghz band. For all my broadband 2.4ghz I've been using tomato since I saw that it worked better than dd-wrt which was then free.

dd-wrt has my 20 euros, credits me with one activation and supplied a link to get an activation code.

this link has not led me to an activation code, so a radio with limited usefulness is now useless until I hear from dd-wrt.

maybe a reset could get me back to wistron firmware, but it's 40 feet up my tree, don't feel like it quite yet.

Got a response the other day directly from brainslayer saying I'd have limited usefulness for 24 hours, not to worry. This would appear to be an error on his part or a misunderstanding on my part. I could forward the email exchange if you like.

Jeremy Collake said...

@effojyaj: Good luck with all that. I no longer deal with DD-WRT's crap.

P.S. That is one hard to spell handle you're using ;)